TempoThe student;
is accurate and consistent with the printed tempo markings
approaches the printed tempo markings yet the performed tempo does not detract significantly from the performance
is different from the printed tempo resulting in an inappropriate tempo for the selection, yet is consistent
is inconsistent, (i.e., rushing, dragging, inaccurate tempo changes)
is not accurate or consistent
Rhythmic AccuracyThe student performs;
accurate rhythms throughout
nearly accurate rhythms, but lacks precise interpretation of some rhythm patterns
many rhythmic patterns accurately but some lack precision (approximation of rhythm patterns used)
many rhythmic patterns incorrectly or inconsistently
the majority of rhythms incorrectly
Melodic AccuracyThe student performs;
all pitches/notes accurately
most pitches/notes accurately
the majority of pitches/notes accurately, however has some difficulty with melodic precision
several inaccurate pitches/notes but displays basic understanding of melodic control
inaccurate pitches/notes throughout the performance. (i.e.; missing key signatures, accidentals)
Technique/ArticulationThe student _
MusicianshipThe student _

Scale TechniqueThe student played both major scales:
Scale TechniqueThe student played the chromatic scale:

Adjudicator should fill in the names of the required scales for assessment in the spaces provided. Check the box in the column that best describes the student's performance (one box per scale.)

all accurate pitches
mostly accurate pitches
some accurate pitches
few acceptable pitches

Melodic Accuracy
Rhythmic Accuracy

Bass Drum
Crash Cymbals
Suspended Cymbal